Grand 3 Day Shore excursion


I offer visa-free private, individual tours and shore excursions. Please bear this in mind when comparing services and prices. Other guides and tour companies may quote for you joining one of their group tours.

Price: 735USD per person for a 3 day tour

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What is included:

About the tour


Day 1

9.45-10.00: Meeting in the port

You will see me waiting for you once you have disembarked and cleared passport control.
Meeting clients in the port
Meeting in the port.
10.00-11.00: Nevsky prospect walking tour
We start with a relaxed walking tour along the main street Nevsky prospect - mixing with locals and seeing the astonishing buildings of the former Russian capital (a visit to Kazan cathedral during morning service is included).
Nevsky Prospect
Gostiny Dvor on Nevsky Prospect
11.00-12.00 Church on the spilled blood.

We will tour St Petersburg’s most elaborate church marvelling at the dazzling exterior and an interior decorated with some 7000 sq metres of mosaics, Italian coloured marbles and decorative stones from the Urals and Altai region.
Church on the spilled blood
Church on the spilled blood
12.00-13.00: Lunch or coffee break at a local cafe.

Pelmeni - a traditional dish.
13.00-15.30: Hermitage tour.

Marvel at the magnificent interiors of the winter palace while viewing the stunning collections of European art which are displayed in the museum.

I am happy to adapt the tour to your interests: it can be focused on the history of Russian royal family plus the most impressive interiors OR on the art collection - we can agree it in advance.
Peacock Clock
Peacock clock in the Hermitage museum.
15.30-16.30: Impressionist collection tour.

The impressionist collection was previously displayed in the main Hermitage complex, but was moved to the General Staff building in 2015.
General Staff building
The General Staff Building houses the impressionist collection
17.00-18.00: Canal boat tour.

Cruising the rivers and canals that surround St. Petersburg is an amazing and fun way to explore the city's attractions and its famous landmarks. This is a public tour, but with an English commentary.
Canal boat tour
Canal boat tour
17.00-18.00 Transfer back to your ship.

Optional stop enroute for souvenir shopping.

You can buy many interesting and unique souvenirs in Russia such as Replica Fabergé Eggs, Porcelain, Lacquered Boxes, Amber items - and of course our famous "matryoshka" nesting dolls.
Souvenir Shop
Display of traditional nesting dolls.

Day 2

8.00-9:00: Meeting in the port - transfer to the city center
Meeting clients in the port
Meeting in the port.
9.00-10.30: Peter and Paul Fortress

Founded by Peter the Great in 1703 and named after two apostles it is one of the city's most popular sights. Here we will see gardens, statutes, and several historic buildings. The highlight will be a visit to the burial vault of Russian kings.
Peter and Paul Fortress
Peter and Paul Fortress
11.00-12.00: Tour of St. Isaac's cathedral

This lavishly decorated building is the largest cathedral in St. Petersburg and a recognisable city landmark thanks to its imposing golden cupola. We will have a guided tour inside and learn about some of the interesting history of this unique building.
St. Isaac's cathedral
St. Isaac's cathedral
12.00-12.45:Short break for tea or lunch.

We will have a light lunch at a local café with more opportunity to chat about history and life nowadays in Russia.
Pancakes - a traditional light meal for Russians.
12.45-13.30: Travel to Tsarskoe Selo

Situated in the town of Pushkin a few miles from St. Petersburg this is the famous former suburban imperial residence of Russian tsars in St Petersburg which they used in the summer. After several hours of sight-seeing you may even appreciate the rest that the short journey affords. As an added benefit we will pass by some interesting sights enroute.
Catherine Palace
Catherine Palace in Tsarskoe Selo.
13.30-15.30 Catherine palace

This is the main visitor attraction at Tsarskoe Selo for good reason. Here we will see spectacular state rooms intricately decorated, interesting art collections and as the crowning glory we will visit the famous and incredibly beautiful Amber Room. Next we will walk in the formal garden of the palace, moving into the landscape park, and enjoying as we go the sights of the surrounding decorative statues and pavilions.
Amber Room
The Amber room in Catherine Palace.
15.30-16.30 Transfer back to the city center

On the return journey we will have the opportunity to stop at a farmers market. Amongst the wide range of products on sale you can find especially good quality honey, from various regions of Russia. If you are interested in buying some the stallholder may let you have a taste to decide which to choose. Alternatively we can stop at a local supermarket where locals usually shop.
Stallholder selling honey
Stallholder selling honey

Day 3

8:15-9.00: Meet in the port

Meet and transfer to city center to start the tour.
Cruise ship port
Cruise ship port
9.00-9.45: Metro Stations

We will tour the most impressive palatial stations in St. Petersburg where we will see grand columns, marble interiors and ornate decorations of the soviet period.
Metro station
Metro Station
9.45-11.00: Transfer to Peterhof by comfortable mini-bus.

We will travel a short distance to Peterhof. Situated by the gulf of Finland this palace and amazing fountain park was founded by Peter The Great and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Tour Bus
Comfortable a/c mini-bus.
11.00-12.00: Cottage Palace.

First we will see the Cottage Palace, which is interesting as it is completely different from other palaces. This was the only one built for private life, not for impressing foreign ambassadors.
Cottage Palace
Cottage Palace
12.00-13.00: Lunch in a local restaurant.
Peterhof Restaurant
Local restaurant
13.00-15.00: Fountain park of Peterhof.

With over 140 fountains it is no wonder that Peterhof is often referred to as a Russian Versailles. In addition to the impressive Grand Cascade and magnificent Samson fountain we will see many other interesting and beautiful fountains and statues. As we stroll around the park we will even see funny trick fountains which amuse both children and adults alike.
Peterhof Fountains
Fountains at Peterhof
15.00-17.00 Transfer back with photo stops

On the way back from Peterhof we will stop by some interesting city landmarks, have a quick look around, and take a few photos. This is the best time for photos as the afternoon light is less harsh and more flattering, with the added advantaged that there are fewer people to obstruct the views.
Chesma Church
Chesma church
17.00-17.30 Transfer back to the ship

Return back to the ship and bid farewell to St. Petersburg.
Leaving with happy memories
Leaving with happy memories
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