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Why a Private licensed guide is a must

Line for Hermitage

The most popular St. Petersburg museums have the policy that:

  • When a group comes with a licensed guide who holds a so called tourist voucher then it enters line-free from a special entrance.
  • When a group comes on its own it has to join the regular queue at the public entrance. From May to September, depending on your luck, you can loose from 2 to 4 hours just to enter the museum.
That is why its crucial to have a guide - it saves you a lot of time providing entrance without waiting in line.
Line for HermitageLine for Hermitage

Besides there are several other practical issues:

  • Many of our museums are huge. The Hermitage for example formality claims to have 22 miles of rooms open to visitors. To calculate the optimal route and not to get lost in these endless rooms is a task for someone who knows the place well!
  • What will you do if you planned an open-air walk and it rains and there is no prospect of the rain stopping? An experienced guide will offer you some alternatives.
  • Where is the closest toilet, ATM or decent place to eat? Where can you get a camera battery or fix the glasses which broke? These little things can ruin your vacation - or can be solved easily.
 +Tatiana Collins+