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Reviews and Testimonials & Why I like my clients.

After 10 years in this business my testimonials list became a bit long smiley, so I decided to produce the summary of quotes below, putting the full versions into the categories on the left. (If you wish I can send you a contact list of former clients should you want to check anything with them directly.)

Re-reading all of them I could not help writing a page about my feelings about clients and why I like them.

"While most tour guides seem to be mundane in their storytelling of notable sights, Tatiana was endlessly amusing, charming, and clever."

"What I loved and appreciated most about using Tatiana for my Russian travel, was that I never had to worry."

"I found Tatiana to be very professional and friendly, and cannot recommend her invaluable service highly enough."

"She is an intelligent, enthusiastic and very professional young lady."

"Thank you for making my recent visit to St. Petersburg a fantastic experience."

"The business meetings you arranged for me were very informative and rewarding. I learnt a great deal about my area of business and how it operates in Russia. I also made valuable contacts with influential people, which I have continued to foster and which will be of benefit for potential return trips to Russia."

"Our trip to St. Petersburg was a magical experience, aided significantly by Tatiana's kindness and expertise."

"We have already recommended you to many of our friends. In our opinion, having you show us your St. Petersburg was the best decision we could have made."

"I strongly recommend Tatiana as a responsible private tour organizer and guide, the best that I have encountered so far."

"If you want personalized service, and don't want to spend a fortune for it, you are not going to do any better than Russian Adventure."

"Our trip was certainly enhanced by your help as a guide, interpreter, historian, driver, philosopher and friend."

"I thought it important to shower accolades on a particular individual, Tatiana, with her own business who's goal is to see English speaking travelers from abroad have a comfortable stay in St. Petersburg, Russia."

"Without your services it would have been impossible to see and do so much in my short time in St. Petersburg. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting your unique and exceptional city. Your recommendations and guidance were much needed even for a veteran traveler. Thank you so much!"

"When people ask me what I believe was the highlight of my trip I tell them it was the excellent job you did. Not only was your knowledge of everything we saw unsurpassed but you were able to make it extremely interesting."

"Tatiana herself was extremely kind, and speaks great English. I recommend you book her tour-guide services ahead of time."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! What a special blessing to meet you and to have you as our personal guide in St. Petersburg!"

"We will always have wonderful memories of our short stay in St. Petersburg, and when we return will surely call Tatiana!"

"Your planning, guidance, narration, and your consideration for the limitations of our aging bones left us with great memories and a better understanding of Russia."

"I've enjoyed telling my colleagues all of the "Tatiana stories". You really made my vacation one that I will never forget."

"What would we of done without you. You certainly know how to handle any problems, no matter what they are. I agree you are "a fearless leader"."

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