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How I dared to start this business and how it feels now

Man starts his business because of ambitions and woman starts business because she is desperate. It is not universal but it is my case. When the advertisement agency from Moscow stopped its activity in my city and I lost the position of the local branch boss I had to think about future. Had I been 20 years old I would have taken the first position and started to build career from zero. But I was 27. The prospect to become a secretary with knowledge of several languages or ordinary manager scared me. Besides I wanted one day to have children. I needed a position which would grant me a chance to combine my family interests with the work. I could not find anything appropriate. So I had to invent something for myself.

The current result you can see on the services page of this site. How do I feel about it? Well... I am extremely thankful to my clients. Thanks to them: - I do not feel myself as a universal home work machine. The sample of women who devoted their lives only to family does not inspire me. Most of them look somehow unsatisfied although they are missing something important.
  • I do not panic at the idea that one day my husband can leave me. Please, understand me right: I have a truly great family. But no one is guaranteed from the loss of a partner.
  • My income lets my family not only to survive but to afford something more: vacations in countries warmer than ours or building a country house. That would be impossible with the only my husband's salary.
  • And my job is a great source of positive emotions. My clients compliment me quite often and I enjoy it a lot!
I think our world follows a tradition not to encourage woman who wants both family and job. It is the structure of the society. Governments and business owners have to accept extra expenses in order to let survive such things as environment, art or working mothers. That is why we start our little companies. :-)
 +Tatiana Collins+