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One day trip to Veliky Novgorod

Novgorod View

Novgorod is one of Russia's oldest and historic cities. It is located 125 miles from St.Petersburg - about 2 hours by car along the main Moscow highway.

In contrast to St.Petersburg it is:
  • An ancient Russian city which has preserved historical monuments from the 11th century onwards.
  • A quiet provincial town where the atmosphere, tempo of life and even the appearance of local people differ from megalopolises such as St.Petersburg or Moscow.
Novgorod View

Within 1 day we can see:

  • a medieval fortress;
  • old Russian churches - those from 11th century are the oldest in the whole of Russia;
  • an open-air museum of wooden architecture where ladies in traditional costumes will show us every day objects used by Russian peasants in 19th century;
  • eat at a restaurant famous for its Russia cuisine;
  • take a boat trip along the Volhov river;
  • visit the local folk craft market - with an opportunity to buy souvenirs for those who wish.

Price for 1 day guided tour start from: Novgorod View

Price Service & Transport
$890 by mini-bus with my services as tour guide (up to 6 people)
$490 by my car with my services as tour guide
(decent transportation for up to 3 passengers, a bit squashed-style transportation for 4 passengers given that I take a driver's seat)
Prices shown are for the trip - NOT per person.
Novgorod View Novgorod View Novgorod View
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