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7 must do's in St. Petersburg

  1. Peterhoff Go to Petrodvorets (Peterhof). Ignore the big palace and devote at least 3 full hours to the unhurried walk in its gardens. It would be more fair to call the place the open-air museum of the fountains. High, powerful and sparkling jets of water in different shapes decorated by sculpture and nature - just unforgettable.
    Raising the bridges
  2. You will need to take a nap in the evening to stand the next entertainment. At 1:25 a.m. the bridges over Neva in the center of the city open up to create a very special St. Petersburg performance. For this period of night Neva embankments turn into the lively and crowded avenue. Such romantic strolling is very popular among citizens. Do not forget to take with a bottle of champagne or beer - drinking something light alcoholic is a part of the local ritual.

  3. Church on the Spilled BloodIt must be a bright sunny day, something like 5 in the evening. That is the right time to see the Church on the Spilled Blood (the Church of the Resurrection). It looks so beautiful outside that one has a feeling that it simply can not be better inside. Still it is. Golden mosaics shining in the sun rays and black granite with blue flashes, saints all around and the feeling of the overwhelming beauty.

  4. The Hermitage is unavoidable. Terribly overcrowded in May-August, it is still worth a visit. If you feel sick of people around, hide yourself on the ground floor, in the rooms of ancient Greek and Roman art to catch a breath before going on. Hermitage
  5. BalletBallet is beautiful. Old theaters buildings are amazing. To intensify the impression don't buy the tickets to the parterre - get yourself a box. Being at the theater and at the same time alone in your private space gives a very special feeling.

  6. Get a ticket to the performance at the Yusupov palace theater
    (only in September-April).

    yusupov palace

    It is so much better to come to this place not as a tourist but as a guest. The music really does not matter. But the theater... You will feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland.

  7. Go to any of the local markets. Find the honey stand. Smiling chubby girls in white aprons will offer you to try the honeys of different origin - of heather, linden, buckwheat and others.
    Honey market

In a sing-song voice they will tell you the half magical influence of honey on man's body. Do not hurry. Try one by one everything by the first seller, then by the second and preferably by the third (you are allowed to drink in between if you happen to have a bottle of water with). When you feel full, get the smallest box of the honey you liked the best.

 +Tatiana Collins+