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A lesson in Russian cuisine

Many tourists coming to Russia plan to try our national cuisine, such as borsch or stroganoff. I can offer you the opportunity to learn how to cook it under the friendly supervision of a local expert - and to have a meal together afterwards! Learning is no less fun than eating and your new skill will stay with you as a wonderful souvenir of your trip!

For 1 or 2 couples


We will visit the home of an average Russian who likes to cook. The ingredients will be waiting for us. If any men in the group are not interested in the process of cooking they can instead participate in a local beer tasting session in the sitting room.

You will be able not only to see the whole process of cooking, but also to take part in it.

Your team cooking is followed by a meal where you will dine on your creations together with some local beer, vodka or Kvas (a popular local non-alcoholic drink).

Duration: 4 hours

Cost - €250

For 6-20 participants

Russian Cuisine Lesson

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One of the most popular St. Petersburg chefs will waiting for you in his culinary class.

The kitchen, equipped with all necessary utensils and large flat TV screens, will let you see in close detail how the chef prepares the dishes. The cooking lesson is hands-on and lasts approximately 3 hours, including the meal. No need for interpreter since our chef speaks English.

Durations: 3 hours

Approximate cost €1200 per group of up to 20 people

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