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St. Petersburg for the family with Children

A 'standard' program for a family with children is hardly possible. Not only does the program depend on the duration and time of the visit, but more importantly the quantity, age, sex, and interests of the children - not forgetting of course the interests and wishes of the adults in the group too. However given this information I can devise a tour program especially for you that will be suitable for all members, young and old, of the family.

Speaking generally about making a personalized program:

Trick fountain Trick fountain

We can certainly cover the main famous sights of St. Petersburg - The Hermitage, Catherine Palace, Peterhoff, St. Issac's cathedral etc.

Indeed some of these, such as Peterhoff fountain park are of interest to adults and children alike. The trick fountain at Peterhoff (shown in the photos) is particular favourite with children.

But one needs to consider that with a family we will need more time than is usual to visit everywhere.

Zoo Army Museum

Picnic dolphinarium

One way to make a tour more exciting for kids is to include special activities particularly for them, such as amusement parks, zoo visit, military museum, water park, dolphinarium, aquarium, picnics and boat rides.

Fun park Another approach is to arrange to have, for the duration of our tour, a very nice baby sitter. She will stay with us all day: she can take the children to a playground or other children's activity while the adult members of the group visit a museum for example. We will stay in touch with her via mobile phone all the time - if your presence will be really needed she will give us a call. So you will stay with your child most of the day, but will get an opportunity to leave from time to time for 1 or 1.5 hours.

Professional Photo Session

I can also offer a professional photo session with your children. This would make an interesting and unique memento of your vacation and provide high quality portraits of you with your family. Here are a selection of pictures from a photo session that one of my clients had.

Photo session Photo session Photo session
See more photos here.

About me

I myself have two children, and two nephews, whose lives I take an active role in. You can read a bit about my family here. So I do understand the challenges and rewards that go with parenting. I look forward to helping you with the challenge of a 'Russian Adventure' for all the family.

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