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On foot or by transport?

Many people are worried that spending time in the bus is boring and in general is a waste of time. It is not quite correct at the following reasons:

  • Russian museums and sites are huge. Hermitage formally claims that 22 miles of rooms are opened for a visit. Usually I walk with my clients about 5½ miles per day. I did not see many people until now who would want to walk on the top of this. After 2½ to 3 hours of Hermitage non-stop walking tour sitting in a car or mini-van is a relief! Especially with the prospect to walk for about 2½ hours non-stop around the next site.

  • Walking on foot one would hardly reach that parts of the city or even a bit of the country side which you get on your bus tour

  • Being out of the city center one can make interesting stops: to visit local super-market or a small church.
 +Tatiana Collins+