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Tsarskoye selo (Pushkin) and Catherine Palace

Tsarskoye selo (Pushkin) Tsarskoye selo (tsar village) is a monument of the architectural and gardening arts of the XVIII-XIX centuries. Two excellent park-and-palace ensembles adjoin each other - the baroque palace of Catherine the Great with its regular French park and the classicism palace of her grand-son Alexander the First with an English landscape park. Besides two grand palaces there are numerous intimate pavilions designed in orient, gothic and romantic style and park sculptures.
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By Ruth and Terry Wilson.
Catherine Palace Slideshow
Catherine's palace contains exquisite decorative objects, furniture, Russian and Western-European paintings, unique collections of porcelain, amber, arms, decorative bronze, sculptures etc. The collection of the museum numbers about 20,000 items.

The most famous interior of the palace is certainly the Amber room. Completely restored, it is opened for viewing since the St. Petersburg 300th anniversary day (May 27th of 2003).

An exposition "Recollections in the Alexander's palace" was opened in 12 halls of the Russian emperors last residence, with authentic or partially reconstructed attire, artworks like paintings, graphics, decorative and applied art, costumes, personal belongings etc.
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