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Transportation options

Realistically speaking transport for sight-seeing in St.Petersburg is a MUST.

My standard offer implies that I will be both your guide and when necessary a driver.

My car (Dacia Duster) was bought new from the dealer in Autumn 2013.
It is a clean and non-smoking car with air conditioning. Suitable for:

  • decent transportation of up to 3 passengers
  • a bit squashed-style transportation of 4 passengers given that I take a driver's seat

The advantage of this choice is mainly economy - travelling by my car you will save on transportation company fees.

More comfortable options

  • Mercedes luxury car for up to 3 people
  • High quality minibus for up to 16 people


  • Air-conditioning
  • Even if parking next to our site is prohibited our driver will always drop us off and collect us at the most convenient place. While we are sightseeing he will find a proper parking space, which in busy periods can be some distance from the entrance, returning again to collect us when we have finished.
  • In the unlikely event of any problem with the vehicle it will be replaced with a substitute.

While building up a program I will try to minimize the quantity of hours we need transport for. But averagely 1 hour of Mercedes with a driver comes at €25 for an hour and a minibus with driver comes at €30.

Dacia Duster Mercedes Car Mini Van
 +Tatiana Collins+