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Testimonials from Singles

Name: Robert Webster

From: USA, Nevada, Las Vegas

As a 58 year old American traveling alone, I was very nervous and apprehensive about my 30 day stay in St. Petersburg. Luckily, I found Russian Adventure. Russian Adventure sounds like a tourist company that caters to wealthy Americans. Actually, it is solely owned and operated by Tatiana, a young attractive Russian woman, and native of St. Petersburg. She was of invaluable assistance to me.

Tatiana picked me up at the airport, quickly found a mistake in my documentation, and then gave me an orientation of the city. We rode the metro together, she showed me how the phone system works, and gave me streetwise advice regarding my personal safety.

For the same price as a youth hostel dormitory, Tatiana found me a Bread & Breakfast one block from the metro and 15 minutes from the Hermitage. I had my own private room, free phone access, and for a small fee the Russian woman that owned the apartment washed, ironed, and cooked for me. I could come and go as I please and enjoyed complete privacy.

Tatiana is fluent in English. Her hourly rate for translation is a fraction of what corporate companies charge. She can also arrange any activity you desire, such as getting ballet tickets.

If you want personalized service, and don't want to spend a fortune for it, you are not going to do any better than Russian Adventure. I know. I spent 6 months planning my trip to St. Petersburg.

When you don't know the city, people, or language, it is comforting to know that Tatiana is available 24/7 to handle any emergency.

Name: Ross Leal

From: United Kingdom

Dear Tatiana,

I truly enjoyed my time in St. Petersburg and I feel that I have to say that it was you who made it so enjoyable and informative. It is good to learn more of the cultural background and not just the "facts and figures". I wanted to acknowledge the long hours that you worked, 10:30 to 23:00 !!! Such commitment is a rare thing and you are to be respected for it. You give such good value for money and are so obviously committed and conscientious - there was no need to run back to the cafe from getting your car just because you thought you might be late and I was there on my own (in a cafe where they spoke English).

I would be happy to offer personal references for you from the UK anytime and also will be recommending you to any friends that I hear are coming to SPb. I will write you recommendation letters from both my home and business, as you also helped my understanding of the property market in SPb.

Best and warm regards,


Name: Dave Miller

From: USA

Hi to all,

I thought it important to shower accolades on a particular individual, Tatiana, with her own business who's goal is to see English speaking travelers from abroad have a comfortable stay in St. Petersburg, Russia.

To be honest, it was a complex trip, a meeting of two people, and included last minute schedule changes, trains to outside destinations, the last minute location of an apartment, plus the typical pick up and transfer from and back to Pulkovo airport. All went remarkably smooth.

She is quite knowledgeable of her city of St. Petersburg, and offered a historic perspective, and a modern cultural perspective when asked, at every turn. She also respected our privacy when necessary.

She knew inexpensive but respectable places to go, and she made herself available at every request. She was on time, quite punctual, and absolutely fair and honest with every transaction.

She's quite a nice person. A friend for us who offers professional tour and travel assistance in St. Petersburg, Russia.

I'm personally recommending her.

Dave Miller

Name: Danielle Powell

From: Canada

Dear Tatiana,

Without your services it would have been impossible to see and do so much in my short time in St. Petersburg. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting your unique and exceptional city. Your recommendations and guidance were much needed even for a veteran traveler. Thank you so much!

Danielle Powell

Name: John E. Buckley

From: USA, Florida

Dear Tatiana,

I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you once again. When people ask me what I believe was the highlight of my trip I tell them it was the excellent job you did. Not only was your knowledge of everything we saw unsurpassed but you were able to make it extremely interesting. I was always the one at school who complained about memorizing facts and figures and never managed to retain any of them. I showing my photographs to people I have found I remember so much because of the stories you related about each place we visited. I have no doubt that I will return to St. Petersburg in the future and when I do I'll be sure to contact you.

If you are interested I have my photos posted at They are not yet sorted and are still uncaptioned but I was receiving too much pressure from friends and family to get them posted. Quite a few didn't turn out, mostly the ones from indoors. Guess that's another reason to return.

Take care,


Name: Audrey Matson

From: USA, Colorado, Denver

...Of course, everyone here at work is very interested in my trip to St. Petersburg and I've enjoyed telling my colleagues all of the "Tatiana stories". You really made my vacation one that I will never forget. I always enjoy my vacations but this trip was truly unforgettable. I just read through some of the testimonials on your web site and I was not surprised to see that others before us have also enjoyed visiting St. Petersburg with you. You are a very special person!

Name: Mark Thomsen

From: USA, Arisona

Hi All,

My name is Mark Thomsen, and I returned to the States last month after spending all of August in St. Petersburg and Kiev. This isn't so much a topic, but rather simply an endorsement. I rented an apartment through Tatiana's site, and it was awesome. Everything was as promised: The apartment was exactly as it looked in the pics, and located exactly where it said on the map. The price was exactly as quoted. Tatiana met me at the airport no problem, and even spelled my last name correctly on the sign she was carrying. Tatiana herself was extremely kind, and speaks great English. I recommend you book her tour-guide services ahead of time; I did not do so, and thus I had to discover the city on my own.

I could write all day about how awesome my trip was, but that will have to wait for another time. For now, I close with: Thank you, Tatiana!



Name: Chris Ryan

From: Australia, Melbourne

I travelled to St. Petersburg in March/April 2005. Tatiana arranged all the visa requirements, as well as the comfortable, reasonably-priced and conveniently-located apartment I stayed in. Tatiana also showed me how to use the metro, where to eat and shop, as well as offering sound advice on things to do and see in St. Petersburg.

I found Tatiana to be very professional and friendly, and cannot recommend her invaluable service highly enough.

Chris Ryan

Name: Eeva-Maria Muurman

From: Finland, Helsinki

I made a trip to St. Petersburg last summer. I come from Finland and I have a lot of experience of travelling, even working abroad. I always look for the budget accommodations on my trip, so I started to look for cheap hotels in St. Petersburg - just to find out that there were practically none in the city - and youth hostels - to find out that they were already full booked. I wandered through the internet, though, and came across the possibility of bed and breakfast. And even being a little afraid of what might be ahead, since the only contact was through the internet and e-mail, it proved to be the perfect choice for a lone traveller like me.

Before the trip I was a bit prejudiced against our dear neighbours like most Finns are when talking about Russians, but I was curious enough to go - and found the most friendly people, Tatiana and her husband Sergei, waiting for me at my destination. I got a bunch of good advice about how to get around and where to go. And even much more, I could stay my nights at the home of real friends, and by talking with them I learnt a lot that a normal tourist could not see or hear about life in Russia.

I didn't succeed to be so efficient in visiting the tourist attractions as Tatiana suggested, but probably I did what I did more in depth and saw such things on my way, which were not mentioned in any tourist guide, but probably made the deepest impression in me - like churches having been used in other purposes during the Soviet reign, but now being restored back in their original use. And, since I didn't succeed to see everything yet, that will guarantee that I will go to visit St. Petersburg again!

Name: Ken Taft

From: USA, Colorado, Denver

I traveled to Russia in June 2002 visiting St. Petersburg and Moscow. I arrived by bus from Tallinn and Tatiana was at the station to meet me. Over the next couple of weeks, I was treated to overwhelming hospitality and friendship. I was repeatedly amazed at the amount of knowledge she possessed regarding St. Petersburg and its history. While most tour guides seem to be mundane in their storytelling of notable sights, Tatiana was endlessly amusing, charming, and clever. At her home I was treated to delicious cooking and prompt attention to my needs. The accommodations were very comfortable and I felt a part of the family. With Tatiana to help I never had any trouble buying tickets, getting directions, or navigating the subway system. She always seemed to be one step ahead of me knowing exactly what I was going to need or where I should go next. Because of her many connections, I was fortunate to be treated to a boat ride on the Neva river on an old yacht, during the bridge raisings of "The White Nights" festival in June. I planned to stay five days in Moscow. She predicted I would want to return to St. Petersburg early, and of course she was correct. On the fourth day I anxiously returned to St. Petersburg to once again be with my new friends. I highly recommend anyone planning to visit St. Petersburg to have Tatiana as your guide and host, and you may leave as I did with a new life long friend.

 +Tatiana Collins+