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Testimonials from Families

Name: Leslie and Lily Lanahan

From: USA, Texas

Testimonial Leslie and Lily Lanahan

Testimonial Leslie and Lily Lanahan

Name: Walvoords family

From: USA, Texas, Dallas

Dear Tatiana,

Thank you, thank you, thank you! What a special blessing to meet you and to have you as our personal guide in St. Petersburg! My great expectations from my dealings with you on the web were certainly true. We are grateful for the great tours, the good restaurants, and the safe lodging that you prepared for us. We had an informative and stress free time (except for the traffic, ha). Our family also has a greater insight and appreciation for the Russian people and culture and also what life is like now as compared to Soviet times.

Thank you again for everything.

Your friends,

Nan, John, Shaun and Jeanan

Name: The Wilson Family

From: USA

Our family contacted Tatiana through her web-site several months before visiting Russia with a very special and personal request. We needed help from someone in Russia coordinating a trip to visit the orphanage we had adopted our son from. After trying for months to coordinate this through many other avenues I'd had absolutely no luck. We were not even sure whether the orphanage would be easier to visit from Moscow or St. Petersburg. No one seemed to be interested in taking us - a group of 7 with grandparents, parents, and children, quite so far off the beaten path. However, our request did not phase Tatiana a bit. She dove right in with her matter-of-fact attitude. She contacted the orphanage (even though none of the numbers we had given her were correct). She found out what kind of donations they needed, and arranged for us to visit. Then, she found a driver who was willing (along with Tatiana) to leave St. Petersburg at 3AM to meet us at our train stop at 5:30AM, drive 3 more hours to the orphanage, wait while we visited, and then drive us back to St. Petersburg arriving after 9PM. While at the orphange, she translated for all of us and the staff for several hours. And, she did all of this for just an extra half day service charge! She even shopped in St. Petersburg for toys that the orphanage had requested and packed the van so full that it looked like Santa's Sleigh!

We arrived in St. Petersburg to stay in the most amazing 'guesthouse'. Tatiana had arranged this for us as well after convincing me that it was absolutely unnecessary to stay in a "secure western hotel". She could not have been more right. The apartment was inexpensive, spotless, huge, in an excellent location, completely secure, and included breakfast made by a lovely and friendly woman who came in the morning. We had three rooms and three bathrooms, a kitchen and common areas. Gorgeous window seats faced the clean and friendly neighborhood below which was a short walk to many sites and offered many places to eat.

I could go on and on about Tatiana's guide services while we were in St. Petersburg. As many others have said, her stories make all the difference when it comes to remembering the vast history that is in front of you. She was fantastic in every way. The large size of our group did not bother her a bit. She got us wherever we needed to go smoothly and always new a good spot for a bathroom break or a bite to eat. Moreover, she was genuinely interested in getting to know each of us and had many wonderful conversations with everyone in our group.

To sum up, I want anyone who is considering hiring Tatiana to know that you will be in good hands. Tatiana cares about what she does and the people who hire her. When she says she will do something, it is done and when she recommends something, rest assured it is worth recommending. You can trust her completely and she will make your visit to St. Petersburg just what you are hoping for!


The Wilson Family

 +Tatiana Collins+