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Ballet, opera, folk-show, concert & circus tickets


Russian theaters do not announce their playbill very far in advance. That is why the best time for planning evening events is 2-3 weeks before your visit, not earlier.

Very few Russian theaters - like Mariinsky or folk-show "Feel yourself Russian" - bother to advertise themselves on the Internet. In reality the choice of events is often more rich and interesting - but information about small concerts held at ex-aristocratic palaces, parks or churches is usually beyond the reach of tourists.

I can prepare for you a kind of report - what would be the best options for the dates you are interested in. When you decide what you prefer, I will buy the tickets (unless they can be bought only before the performance starts).

  • They will be delivered to your hotel in St. Petersburg on the agreed date
  • Another option is DHL or FedEx delivery to your address.
Please consider that the cost of a letter from Russia is high. For example, to send tickets to Los Angeles, USA by FedEx costs 60USD.

folk show Please note: It is impossible to return the tickets. That is why 100% prepayment is a condition of this service.

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