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My interests

It seems that psychology and sociology have always been my passions. But to be quite sincere at the age of 6 I liked ice-cream better. :-) I can not say exactly how it started but by now I have read many books and continue to check the new issues. I do trust that people come to this world to be happy and therefore I am quite interested in the ideas why not everybody manages to feel happy and what can be done about it. As one sample - I am very fond of Mary and Robert Goulding ideas.

My interest brought me to the psychology faculty of St. Petersburg University where I started a research "Adaptation of American professionals to Russian culture". Unfortunately I can not boast that it goes on efficiently. The main problem is that being a scientist in Russia is a kind of expansive and time-consuming hobby. As I have no chance to get any money for my work it means that first I need to secure some income, then to take care about my house, family and friends and then... then I get no time left! Still I did not give up the idea.

I'm also particularly interested in the motivation of teenagers - it's one of things I'm seriously interested and active (more about it here).

I am interested in history. The more I learn and compare past with the contemporary life the better I understand both. I feel myself an alive link of chain which goes back to the Second World War, Stalin's horror period and Revolution and further to the 19th and 18th century, to Peter the Great times. Great grandfathers stand behind my back not like the dusty skeletons but like the alive relatives. And history itself for me is not only a bunch of amazing stories but something what explains Russia's today life - and my personal life also.

I like exploring my city. It is never the same. Old good restaurants become overcrowded with strange people and lose their charm but the new places emerge instead. I love to eat in new places. There is something about food - don't you think? - what we started to miss in our fast food culture. I drop into the shops of all kinds. I stare at the shop windows. I am new experiences and emotions hunter. I am constantly looking for something unusual to share with you...
 +Tatiana Collins+