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Concert Performances

A classical music concert seems to be a perfect choice, but it will be not easy to find it. The Male Choir of Saint Petersburg sings every Friday and Monday at 7 pm at St.Peter and Paul cathedral in the city fortress. Apart from that finding a concert is a tricky thing since:
  • they take place in different places, sometimes museums or other cultural institutions
  • they are often announced last minute
  • the cost of the ticket is typically low but as a consequence usually there are no bright advertising materials about them
NB. If you stay in 5 star hotel it is useless to ask the staff there about concerts. They will simply tell you that there are none. Hotel usually monitor only a few of the main city theaters and that is it.

Unless you have a private guide to help you with it, the only option is to go to the city theater tickets office and to try to persevere with the seller who does not speak English.

 +Tatiana Collins+