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Distances and traffic

The three most famous tourist attractions in St. Petersburg are the Hermitage (city center), Catherine palace with amber room (20 miles from city center) and Peterhof fountain park (again 20 miles but in a different direction). Tourists generally underestimate the distances between sites in St. Petersburg. Given that:
  • 50% of sites are located in outside the city - about 20-25 miles away from the centre.
  • Traffic is normally not a problem given that the program is done in order to avoid the worst of it (e.g. commuters travelling to work during the rush-hour).
  • Working hours are from 10am to 5pm, given that besides sightseeing, we occasionally need to have a bite and to visit the toilet - so its not that much.
That is why the majority of tours imply the use of transport. Walking tours are rather an exclusion. The best programs include some walking when it is appropriate and pleasant while the mini-van is waiting until it is required.
 +Tatiana Collins+