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Trip Report July, 2014

Saint Petersburg Trip Report
(July, 2014)

Rachel Wilson and her parents - Charlie, a former engineer for IBM who is 80 years young and his wife of 44 years Judy, a former educator and administrator, visited St. Petersburg in July 2014. They visited Russia during the height of tension between Russia and the West over situation in Ukraine.

Here is a link to the St. Petersburg section of Rachel's blog about the time they spent in Russia Saint Petersburg Trip Report (July, 2014).

Alternatively you can download a PDF versions to read at your leisure Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Saint Petersburg Trip Report (Aug 13, 2011)

Trip Report Aug 13, 2011

Fred and Barbara Fields are seasoned travellers and have written several trip reports about the places they have visited - including St. Petersburg (as part of a wider Eastern European tour in 2011).

I think it is interesting and well illustrated with representative photos, and it gives a good indication of what can be expected when visiting Saint Petersburg.

You can read the report on their website or download a PDF version of their Russia, Eastern Europe tour trip report to read at your leisure.

Trip Report Aug 18, 2010

Saint Petersburg Trip Report
(Aug 18, 2010)

Rock & Joan O'Keefe, an Australian couple, visited St. Petersburg in 2010. The sent a series of emails to family and friends telling them about their travels in different cities and countries. This is their account of the time they spent here Saint Petersburg Trip Report (Aug 18, 2010)
(note this file is in PDF format).

Catherine Palace Slideshow
(May 12, 2011)

Ruth and Terry Wilson have created this interesting slideshow of Catherine Palace, which they visited on an excursion with me in 2011.

You can view the slideshow below or download the Catherine Palace Slideshow (in FLV format to watch offline on your computer).

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