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Apartment Rental

I used to work with rented apartments in St. Petersburg a few years ago intensively when this option offered tourists savings of about 50% in comparison to hotel prices. But within last 6 years about 50 new so called "mini-hotels" with 4-12 rooms have been opened right in the city and particularly in the city center. This has changed the market so that the prices evened out, but mini-hotels win based on the quality of the service they offer. For the same price one gets in mini-hotel:

  • daily cleaning
  • breakfast
  • better access to accommodation (apartment are often located in the inner yards of houses so they are not easy to reach)
  • friendly receptionist who will help with small questions and problems which unfortunately occasionally happen.

So – my recommendation is to go for a mini-hotel instead of an apartment.

 +Tatiana Collins+